Matthew Carroll is a singer, band leader, and song writer based out of Birmingham, Alabama.   His 1st album, Left To Burn,  was released on February 1st, 2018 to much critical acclaim. It is a mix of 90s influenced Alternative Rock and high-energy indie pop.  He brought together some of the best talent in the south east to play on this record and put in the work to make an album he could be proud of.  A full year of writing and demoing songs to find the authentic voice for each song has led him to an album with no filler.  Every song has been crafted, torn down, and reforged till Matthew was happy with them.  A painstaking process that started with over 200 original songs and was narrowed down to the 12 tracks that are featured.

      For a decade, Matthew performed as a cover musician, playing all over the country in bars, restaurants and private events, honing his skills as a performer and using every song as an opportunity to study what he loves about popular music.  When he had a health scare that could have taken his singing voice away forever, he decided he could no longer wait to make the music that was within him.  He didn’t want to spend what was left of his voice singing other people’s songs.  That is when this album was born in his mind.  He spent the next three years planning, writing, and working tirelessly to make his first album a reality.  With some help from kickstarter backers, Matthew was able to self fund the production of this album, and he spent every penny he could to make it as professional a project as he knew how.  You could say he’s all in on this album, and he is ready to share it with you.